-- that it was finished
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 → Monday, May 8 /Main Building large exhibition space on the seventh floor
It is closed closing daylong at 18:00 on Monday, May 8 at 17:00 on Tuesday, May 2
※In addition, we become sales people until 20:00 in all facilities on Saturday, May 6 from Friday, April 28.
[business hours of eat-in] From 10:00 to 19:00/Some stores are finished for replacing at 16:30 on the last day until 16:30 on Tuesday, May 2
[the first] Wednesday, April 26 → Tuesday, May 2/[the second] May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 8th Monday
●About product to sell by this special event, point of Daimaru Matsuzakaya card, special treatment of Daimaru Matsuzakaya regular customer gold card are inapplicable.
※We may close order before order stop by the congestion situation. ※All the arrangements of photograph are images. ※The arrival may be late by weather, traffic condition. ※Exhibition contents, appearance store, event contents may be changed by circumstances. ※Accessories for photography are not included in product. ※When we cannot confirm that it is age 20 years or older, we do not sell alcoholic beverage. ※There are product using material except some Hokkaido product and product made any place other than Hokkaido. ※Forgive knob of sellout.