Application period
Until Saturday, June 30, 2018
Application method
Friend adds Matsuzakaya North Building GENTA LINE@, and please apply.
Person of "friend" can already participate in campaign, too.
※It applies to person having you add friend at the time of lottery in Matsuzakaya North Building GENTA LINE@.

About present, successful announcement
(1) We present "drone" tickling man's heart of adult to one person from person who participated in campaign by lot.
(2) We get announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize.
About application is careful
About application is careful
・It is limited toward the residence in Japan.
・Prize address is limited to Japan.
・We change without notice, and this campaign may be finished.
・We may not use personal information that customer gave to in purpose except this campaign.
・We do not have relations in this campaign at all with LINE.
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