2017 pal this X pine this restaurants joint lottery gift certificate 10,000 yen present campaign
More than 3,240 yen (receipt adding up impossibility) tax-included at store targeted for Matsuzakaya Nagoya store and each shop of Nagoya PARCO
We give card toward the purchase.
When apply from two dimensions cord which put each card together, by lot to ten people of 10,000 yen
We present gift certificate (Matsuzakaya 5,000 yen, PARCO 5,000 yen)!
Participating Stores:
Matsuzakaya Nagoya
South Building the tenth floor, Main Building 9.10 floor, the first floor of the North Building basement restaurant all the stores
(sanruvan is excluded)
Nagoya PARCO:
The seventh floor of west hall restaurant all the stores
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