Mother really gets, and let's give nice present.

Mother's Day present recommended ranking

"Mother's Day" that what you would like or worries every year gift.
This year "present which is glad that mother really gets"
Do you not give?

"Mother's Day" true intention investigation More particularly, it is this
Mother's Day blog

Fashion accessories such as stoles

"Do you want you always to shine splendidly?"
Present with all feeling is recommended!

Seasonal fair or rainy weather combined use parasol which is worried about ultraviolet ray.
Gorgeous big floral design is wonderful!

'D set D set'
9,180 yen that includes parasol tax
Main Building, 1st floor

Light, stylish and functional bag is attributive design only for Mother's Day.

①19,440 yen that includes tote bag tax
②19,440 yen that includes shoulder bag tax
South Building basement the second floor

With attractiveness that is not too sweet by moderate bijoux errand,
Stole which transparent material gives cool impression to.

<luna Luce Comte>
10,800 yen that includes stole tax
Main Building, 1st floor

Flower gift

Basic flower of Mother's Day.
Collaboration product of flower something extra is recommended this year.

Attach preserved flower which modelled Haat to simple D fuser.

Mother's Day-limited preserved flower
(D fuser set) tax-included 7,020 yen
Main Building the sixth floor

It is fully-ripe mango that there are a lot of melty tastes and set of gorgeous preserved flower.

<fruit preference>
Preserved flower &
8,640 yen that includes fully-ripe mango (nothing) set tax from Miyazaki
Main Building B1 Floor

To favorite mother! With colorful flower
With popcorn which mixed five kinds of flavor of popularity a good time!

<Tsuboi flower Land>
5,400 yen that includes happy sweets tax
Main Building basement the second floor
From Tuesday, May 2 to Sunday, May 14 south hall special event space under the ground on the second floor

To mother who wants to spend forgetting everyday housework leisurely

Relaxation that is nice to heart and body

It is same as favorite music everywhere in by wireless high efficiency headphones.

QuietComfor 35 wireless headphones
Tax-included 39,960 yen
Main Building the sixth floor

When we cook with pot and massage and bathe, we have various how to use.

<furan sila>
5,400 yen that includes body massage oil tax
Main Building the sixth floor

<beauty treatment salon special in Mother's Day>
Facial course or body course
①Facial course
Usually tax-included 25,920 yen → First attributive 9,720 yen
②Body course
Usually tax-included 29,160 yen → First attributive 9,720 yen

※With pore care to tightening care by facial course hand, we lead to skin with tension, translucency.
※We add moderaju by hand to care of whole body with body course machine. We lead to firm body while being relaxed.

South Building the sixth floor
Reservation required TEL: 052-262-8707

To mother who wants to enjoy shopping and meal in families slowly

A time to enjoy in families

Dessert of "Mother's Day course." Gelee that carnation was shut in uses deep-ocean water.
In addition, nice consideration is included in woman including gateau chocolate of gluten-free.

Grand-Famille Chez Matsuo
menu mère Mother's Day course
※It requires reservation up to three days before Tax-included 5,400 yen
Main Building the ninth floor

It is pointed by appetizer, sashimi, grilled dish, fried food, full-course meal, woman of sushi that it is size that it is easy to eat.
There is popular silver dollar, and this price is *shoku.

<Sapporo Kiyohira>
Happy Mother' s Day Mother's Day congratulations course
Tax-included 3,780 yen
Main Building the ninth floor

In feeling that attaches wine to prawns which are popular among women and gratin of crab, and is rich.
Please enjoy a special time.

<Chez Kobe>
Set (gratin, pail, wine of green vegetable salad, prawns and crab) according to Nittoku of mother
Tax-included 1,680 yen
South Building basement the second floor

It is presented by memory, "it is special" that we stay

You add surprise, and do you not give "special feeling?"

"Transformation photo experience of fascination"

From Tokyo, professional hair & make and photographer of much-talked-about "opushisu" produce "one piece of miracle".

Friday, May 12 → 14th Sunday
The reservation reception desk starting date: From Monday, May 1
Main Building the sixth floor antenna plus living

[Time Required to Make] Approximately two hours
Rate: 15,000 yen that includes event special price tax
(photoone piece of session cabinet photograph size photograph, event-limited frame or mount)
Capacity: 20 sets of every day
※We make reservation on first-come-first-served basis from Monday, May 1.
Reservations/Inquiries 070-6475-9716
(Business Hours: for from 10:30 to 20:00)

<TOMIZ> (Tomizawa Shoten)

There is bear from patissier; handmade cake seminar by Mr. Yoko.

May 4 Thursday (holiday) 13:00 ..., 15:00 ...
The reservation reception desk starting date: From Monday, May 1
Main Building the sixth floor

Each time ten people

Uchino original design studio
Drawing embroidery towel

In present which embroiders portrait of mother on towel, and is original!
From tax-included 2,592 yen

Until Tuesday, May 9
Main Building the sixth floor

※Handing over takes approximately 1 week.

Estee Lauder
Carved seal service

Carve a seal in the name and carnation of mom to lip; and to gift of surprise!
Tax-included 4,320 yen

Until Sunday, May 14
Main Building, 1st floor

We picked up item in four categories with feeling of Mother's day special gift thanks.

Special event

We want to see face which mother is pleased with♫

Let's give gift and photograph with thanks in Mother's Day

We take a picture of gift toward the purchase more than tax-included 5,400 yen in Mother's Day and, during period, give a service and we put photograph in the mount and hand.

Saturday, May 13 .14 days Sunday every day from 14:30 to 15:30

The Main Building the first floor woman clothing section

We put Japanese fan name and give a service

Elegant Japanese fan in a row! Hold the name toward the purchase; as for the service.

Sunday, May 7 .13 days Saturday every day from 11:00 to 18:00

The Main Building the first floor woman clothing section

Skin care lesson [40 sets of first arrival] to enjoy in parent and child

We give a lecture on skin care such as UV measures using natural cosmetics.
We do make service for children.

It is Sunday for .7 days on Saturday for .6 days on Friday (holiday) on May 5 on Sunday for .30 days on April 29 (soil, celebration)
It is approximately 30 minutes in each time for from 16:00 to 18:00 for from 11:00 to 13:00 in every day

Main Building the sixth floor nachurari

Reservations/Inquiries 052-264-2958
※We hold on - Main Building the fifth floor at ..., 14:00 at 11:00 on Thursday (holiday) on May 4)

mitsubachi crayon "original eco bag" production experience meeting [50 first arrival]

We have you make drawing with child nimitsubachi crayon and produce original eco bag only for one in the world.
Entrance fee: 500 yen

May 3 Wednesday (holiday) .4 days Thursday (holiday)

Main Building good Eiji salon event space on the seventh floor

Enter and demonstrate Wakasa lacquered chopsticks name

During period, we place the name and message toward the purchase with chopsticks.

May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 8th Monday

Main Building the sixth floor

Green sen cis shop for a limited time

Green item full of senses that we create gaiety to room, and heart is relaxed.
It is green art to enjoy like picture.

May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 9th Tuesday

Main Building the sixth floor antenna plus living

UVION period-limited shop

UV cuts both heat and rain, too! We introduce cool parasol and hat by fashion.

May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 11th Thursday

Main Building the sixth floor antenna plus living

※Each event may be changed by circumstances.

Recruitment of Mother's Day senryu University which wants to convey thank you
Mother's Day blocking