We post senryu
Application period
Until Sunday, May 14, 2017 24:00
Application method
Please apply in pushing button "posting senryu" on, and inputting matter necessary for application form.
About announcement of excellent work
(1) introduce excellent work in our site in the end of May, 2017.
(2), to person chosen as excellent work, present gourmet gift catalogue "delicious request service" (N course).
(3) shipment of prize plans about the beginning of June.
About application is careful
(1) is limited toward the residence in Japan.
(2) entry is limited to unpublished thing by own work of applicant. But thing published in SNS, blog of oneself after publication of our homepage shall not have any problem.
(3) may introduce work which had apply and nickname in our homepage, digital signage, public information, other mediums (perform announcement by nickname, and do not publish personal name at all).
(4) cannot answer inquiry about selection standard at all. In addition, please note that you sleep only by answer about the reason individually when senryu which had you apply is not published in our homepage.
(5) please transfer all copyright of work which had apply to The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store. Please note that you may use in our homepage, other mediums without prior consent. In addition, applicant shall not use author's personal rights about work which had you apply.
(6) change without notice, and "Mother's Day senryu" may be finished.
(7) may not use personal information that visitor gave to for purpose except this event.
(8) can apply even for any work per person, but prize should be one point per person.
※Application form supports only smartphone PC tablet.
We post senryu
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