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Twitter account of Matsuzakaya Nagoya store

  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya

    We tell about event information of Matsuzakaya Nagoya store and advantageous information.

  • GENTA jienta

    Matsuzakaya Nagoya store North Building was reborn newly as new North Building GENTA (jienta).

  • Nagoya store beauty

  • Special event, event information

    It is timely and tells about special event of Matsuzakaya Nagoya store, event information (mainly exhibition space, Matsuzaka-ya hall), advantageous information!

  • Feast paradise & restaurant

  • Matsuzakaya Museum

    There are many exhibitions of wide genre until now and holds South Building the seventh floor Matsuzakaya Museum and has high evaluation.

  • Living Style

    It is Matsuzakaya Nagoya store living sales floor.
    We send information such as stylish furniture, tableware, miscellaneous goods, kitchenware for day.

  • Bridal Salon

    We deliver advantageous information from Main Building the sixth floor bridal salon.

  • Matsuzakaya tourist bureau

    From Matsuzakaya Nagoya store, we suggest originality travel plan only in department store that we were full of.

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