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Absorption in autumn bowl

Period: Wednesday, September 13 → 26th Tuesday place: Main Building, B1

※We present 108 yen coupon to be able to use bowl of publication for toward the purchase on the next time during period.


-> with Western DON - orange peel of <Hokkaido salmon and colorful vegetables with tartar

■Sewing, color were good and served Hokkaido salmon with southern barbarian sause.
We add orange peel to tartar sauce and are one article that orange flavor is fragrant slightly.

  Tax-included 799 yen

●"Great lucky day"

<ginger-flavored fried foods bowl>

■We finished to Jushi with vaunted sauce.

  Tax-included 540 yen

●"Pork cutlet Maisen"

<oyster fin egg bowl>

■Oyster from Hiroshima is autumn-limited rice served in a bowl which we used.

  Tax-included 637 yen


<salmon grilled with salt and chestnut meppa meal>

■It is way of autumn taste ttameppa meal including big salmon and chestnut, mushrooms containing.

  Tax-included 972 yen


Bowl> which is absorbed in meat of <autumn

■It is greed bowl which rains off and on, and picked up the Grifola frondosa sky, carrot salad on dish simmered in, miso katsu of leek sauce, domestic beef of incense pork green onion barbecued pork, deep-fried chicken of Matsuoka popularity.

  Tax-included 788 yen


<eel and rice in a lacquered box>

■To kabayaki tender plumply, it is grilled liver and eel and rice in a lacquered box with soup.

  Tax-included 2,052 yen

●"Flower of plum"

Bowl> which likes <uncooked Japanese bread-like food and beef of tofu

■We fully added autumn taste mushrooms to popular tofu, uncooked Japanese bread-like food, straight dried bean curds and finished.

  Tax-included 756 yen

●"Ginza relationship"

<mini-soboro lunch>

■It is tasteful lunch of chicken soboro and egg soboro.

  Tax-included 410 yen


<beef tongue ju>

■It is taste that beef tongue which we seasoned with salt sause did plainly.

  Tax-included 898 yen


Bowl colored leaves> of <autumn

■We served autumn taste including saury, salmon, salmon roe.

  Tax-included 980 yen

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