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Event: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 → 29th Tuesday
The last day is shut corridor at 16:00

We carve dried kaolin with chisel and we give overglazing and are doing *zo. When we are young, for me who learned Buddha statue sculpture, sculpture is like means to follow own deep memory. I speculate on totally different place while representing motif near at hand.



Brief career history | jode*satori

  • We are born in Ishikawa in 1981
  • Tokyo art University art department picture department oil painting specialty is a graduate for 2,006 years

Private exhibition

  • 2007 "Para:sideA" (pARa:siTe/ Ishikawa)
    "Para:sideB" (pARa:siTe/ Ishikawa)
  • 2008 "style" (komokukojishoten/Ishikawa)
  • 2009 "art and crafts" (cherry blossoms bloom place abounding in books/Nagano)
  • 2010 "KUTANI CONNEXION" (spiral garden/Tokyo)
  • 2011 "deep valley" (Yoshimi Arts/ Osaka)
  • 2012 "kan*" (pARa:siTe/ Ishikawa)
    "*tani" (Yoshimi Arts/ Osaka)
  • 2013 "paradise creation (paradise) - art and everyday new horizon vol.3 jode*satori" (galleryαM/ Tokyo)
  • 2014 "shellfish of well" (Yoshimi Arts/ Osaka)
  • "It is heap of bear of mountain or bears" for 2,015 years (Matsuzakaya Nagoya store Art Gallery/Aichi) or
  • 2016 "bear residence tree hole" (Yoshimi Arts/ Osaka)
  • 2017 "wasurebanan" (Nihonbashi, Tokyo Takashimaya Art Gallery X/ Tokyo)
  • 2018 "jihoriten" (Yokohama Takashimaya Art Gallery/Yokohama)
    "Voice" (t-gallery/ Tokyo)

Group exhibition

  • 2007 "Kiryu repeat performance 13" (kiriseimorihokojo/Gunma)
    "Montblanc Young Artist Patronage in Japan" (MONTBLANC Ginza Main Store/Tokyo)
  • 2008 "Kiryu repeat performance 14" (kiriseimorihokojo/Gunma)
    "hako exhibition" (pARa:siTe/ Ishikawa)
  • 2009 "medicine and art exhibition" (Mori Art Museum/Tokyo)
    "Container of plant" (G-WING'S gallery/Ishikawa)
    "Nowhere but Hayama Opening Exhibition" (Nowhere but Hayama/ Kanagawa)
  • 2010 "BASARA exhibition" (spiral garden/Tokyo)
    "The first Kanazawa, world crafts Triennale" (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/Ishikawa)
  • 2012 "Primitive [in order]" (genesis in order) (Yoshimi Arts/ Osaka)
  • 2013 "Kutani me Valley" (G-WING'S gallery/Ishikawa, 2014 *kyo/Kyoto)
    "sho" "updating tradition, (Ginza, WAKO/Tokyo)
  • 2014 ""Material and Form" in a digital age" (Yoshimi Arts/ Osaka)
    "Feeling -Metamorphose- of the beauty" (Takashimaya/Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo (Shinjuku, Nihonbashi))
  • 2015 "figure of SYONZUI" (Nihonbashi Takashimaya Art Gallery X/ Tokyo)
    "Love through crafts exhibition" (Kurobe-shi Art Museum/Toyama)
  • "Standard-bearer of Kutani ware passes in tradition and the creation present age" 2017; (Toyama-shi Sato memory Art Museum/Toyama)

Kutani ware pottery Uede long gate-guard office kiln

  • It is founded as Kutani ware wholesale dealer in Nomi-shi, Ishikawa in 1879
  • You give honor of offering with "vase" by Meiji Shrine request in 1969
  • You give honor of dish production of use at the Emperor Showa next prefecture in 1983
  • Achievement to promotion of traditional craft industry is praised in 1993 and receives the Minister of International Trade and Industry commendation
  • It is used in container of the leaders dinner at Okinawa Summit in 2000
  • Receive kungoto*koasahinichisho for the fourth generation in 2003; ku
  • We participate in "PUMA with MARUWAKA KUTANI" in 2007. We produce each part of bicycle with Kutani ware
  • Large-scale private exhibition holds "Uede, Kutani, *satoritenkyutani* connection" in Tokyo spiral garden in 2010
  • We invite Mr. haime ajon of Spanish designer in 2011 and produce series of new tableware. It is Milan sarrau and announces in (Italy)
    Cake pot flower filling of skeleton which we produced with ganwakaoku is stored in 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
  • Kanazawa tea shop holds joint exhibition in laughing with teapot craftsman Masunori of Tokoname in 2012
  • We hold overseas first private exhibition ""ORIGINS" KUTANI CHOEMON's Journey" in France Paris nakaniwa in 2015


  • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Nomi-shi, Japigozzi Collection, Takahashi Collection, MONTBLANC JAPAN

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