We let you be, and let's share potato, tanoshiimo.
Matsuzakaya chocolate promenade 2019

Famous Chocolatier is prepared♪

Famous chocolate of overseas &
Famous chocolate of overseas &

Pretty chocolate will share♪

Photogenic chocolate Photogenic chocolate

With present
Sweets flock that is pleased with!

Special SWEETS Special SWEETS

It is Eat in in venue

DIGITAL CATALOG We look at digital catalogue BRAND LIST We see list of brands


Pleasant event of Valentine comes up from each floor♪

Matsuzakaya Valentine formula support supporter "#HASH TAG" comes up every day in rotation in venue as good-looking chocolate corps!

Member of BOY' S unit "#HASH TAG" from Nagoya changes every day, and by two people appear in Main Building the seventh floor chocolate promenade venue as good-looking chocolate corps.

●Main Building large exhibition space on the seventh floor

Campaign discounted by sweets 100 yen by LINE@ friend registration

Valentine-limited sweets are discounted by 100 yen by LINE@ registration!
Target brand: Doh moo re-Arnaud raeru

Wednesday, January 16 → Thursday, February 14

●Main Building large exhibition space on the seventh floor

Selectable happy coupon present campaign

During period, "selectable happy coupon" is presented more than tax-included 5,000 yen in one, every day of purchase by 200 first arrival. You can exchange for product you like from the second floor of the Main Building basement <Danish Haat> or the first floor of the Main Building basement <Vegeteria>, Main Building the sixth floor <quatre saisons> hand cream.
※Photograph is Danish Haat (image).
※Available only while supplies last

Wednesday, January 16 → 31st Thursday

●Main Building large exhibition space on the seventh floor

It is not only chocolate!
We pick up recommended gift item



#Chocolate panda
SNS contribution campaign #Chocolate panda SNS contribution campaign

Let's enjoy festival of annual chocolate!
Contribution that your thought to give to chocolate was at a loss for
We look forward to. It is cute in venue
We appear at photospot♪
Is lottery from one that had post; to ten people
N.Y. caramel sand of <N.Y.C.SAND>

Application period

Wednesday, January 16 → Thursday, February 14

Application method


Follow has "@matsuzakayangy"
"# chocolate panda" "@matsuzakayangy"
You attach both tags to the text of this, and please post.

Important Notes

※Please respond by all means in Matsuzakaya Nagoya store account "@matsuzakayangy".
※Application is limited to Japan toward the house.
※We contact by direct message toward the elected candidate.
※We may introduce contents which had you post in digital signage in Matsuzakaya homepage and shop, official SNS.
※When account is closed, it becomes invalid.
※We do not use personal information that has from customer, and came in purpose except this campaign.