Matsuzakaya Nagoya

Matsuzakaya Nagoya

Matsuzakaya Nagoya store formula SNS & blog

  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya

    Various events and intellect deliver valuable information including information to profit quickly.

  • North Building GENTA

    We send latest fashion and event information of GENTA where fashion item of good-quality adult is even on at any time.

  • Gourmet

    From food stores in the department store basement gourmet "feast paradise" and "restaurant," we deliver recommended gourmet information.

  • D & M CAVE
    The Japanese and Western liquors section

    We send information about liquor including abundant liquor introduction and sampling fair information of the second floor of the Main Building basement home and abroad widely.

  • Matsuzakaya Museum

    We send news and related information of exhibitions such as South Building the seventh floor picture and natural history, industrial arts, animation.

  • Special event, event information

    It is timely and tells about valuable special event, event information (mainly exhibition space, Matsuzaka-ya hall) with discount.

  • Fashion &

    We deliver the latest information about fashion, cosmetics, beauty including accessories.

  • Kids'

    We tell about the seasonal kids' item information including Main Building the fifth floor new item fashion and event for a limited time.

  • Living

    We send information and event information such as Main Building the sixth-floor stylish furniture, tableware, miscellaneous goods or kitchenware for day.

  • Art art gallery

    We deliver information such as display introduction of Main Building the eighth floor this week or event, workshop concerned.

  • Bridal Salon

    It is helpful with item about bridal including Main Building the sixth floor ring and dress, present and sends information at any time.

  • Tourist bureau

    We tell about travel plan and event full of originality only in department store with scenery of trip.

  • Kimono

    We deliver kimono-related product information and event information that we matched in Main Building the eighth floor season.

  • GENTA men fashion CONCEIRGE

    We deliver stylish item and event information from CONCEIRGE of North Building GENTA.

  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya

    It is photogenic, and intellect cuts information to profit and, other than the seasonal information of event and product, improves.

  • North Building GENTA

    We send stylish product and event information that Instagram utsuri which featured the theme of "Gentlemen" & "Adult" does.

  • Gourmet

    From food stores in the department store basement gourmet "feast paradise" and "restaurant," we tell about photogenic gourmet.

  • nagoyajiennu

    Style "nagoyajiennu" granting adult kawaiio which is elegant & love Lee sends seasonal information.

  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya

    We get friend-limited present other than event and advantageous information by friend addition. As for the admission charges discount privilege of Matsuzakaya Museum.

  • North Building GENTA

    Event and advantageous information and friend-limited present are friend addition. Admission charges discount privilege of Matsuzakaya Museum is with.

  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya

    From Matsuzakaya Nagoya store with sales floor area largest in Japan, we send various events and advantageous information.

  • North Building GENTA

    We deliver suggestion of event information and product of GENTA doing lifestyle of person for good quality wealthily.

  • Matsuzakaya Museum

    We tell about South Building the seventh floor picture and natural history, industrial arts, exhibition information of various genres including animation.

Free Wi-Fi service in hall

In each floor of Matsuzakaya Nagoya store, you can use Wi-Fi service free.
Ask connection methods in each the shop bureau.

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